Welcome to the Student Health Center (SHC)

Nursing staff are available all day to provide limited clinic care for your student and answer medical questions. The nurses at the SHC strive to work with students and families recognizing that each has their own unique challenges. The goal of the school nurses at WSD is to work as a team with families and staff so students are empowered to be successful both now and in the future.

In order to reach this goal, the nurses provide many services. The nurses provide health education, first aid, over the counter (OTC) medication, and administer prescribed medication and treatments (with signed doctors’ orders). The nurses also maintain health records to ensure completeness and accuracy. The staff’s role is to provide a safe learning environment and communicate to the nurse actual or potential health concerns they have noticed. The nurses rely on parents and/or guardians to communicate any current or potential health needs, keep students at home or pick them up when they are sick, and provide signatures and documentation as needed.

It’s important that parents send doctor’s orders with any medications (including any dose changes) to be given at school and provide current immunization or exemption records. The nurses also rely on parents to help them maintain an up-to-date Emergency Care Plan (ECP) for students with life threatening conditions (e.g. asthma). When the parents, staff and nurses work as a team it provides a safer learning environment for your student. The school appreciates and depends on the important role parents and/or guardians play in providing care for their student.

SHC Hours

The SHC is open from early morning to late evening. There is no nurse at WSD overnight.

The SHC closes at 12:15pm on Friday and opens back up on Sunday at 6:30pm.

When the nurse is not available, medically delegated staff will be present to administer your student’s personal emergency medication and some OTC medications.

For exact hours, please contact the SHC.