Washington Career Academy for the Deaf (WaCAD)

Post High School

Washington Career Academy for the DeafOur Mission

Within a 6 months to 2 year period, Washington Career Academy for the Deaf (WaCAD) provides training to develop responsible, independent adults who are positive contributors to society. WaCAD’s goal is to help young deaf adults, ages 18-22, to develop their potential for independent living, responsible and quality work behavior, effective communication, and working as a team member.

Purpose of the Washington Career Academy for the Deaf

Our purpose is to serve young deaf adults who are in need of support related to job security, vocational training, independent living skills, and college.

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Who We Are

Washington Career Academy for the Deaf (WaCAD) serves young deaf adults, ages 18 through 22, who have graduated from high school or hold a GED. The program provides training and instruction related to employment readiness skills, work-based experience, independent living skills, and college support. The primary mode of instruction and communication in the program is American Sign Language. Fluency in ASL is required.

WaCAD is not an IEP-related program. Staff resources, including evening and overnight apartment supervision, is limited. Participants in the program must be capable of living independently and require very little in terms of support for independent living skills beyond the group classes offered.

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What We Focus On

Employment Readiness Skills:

  • Filling out applications
  • Writing a resume
  • Initiating job searches
  • Developing job interview skills
  • Keeping a job
  • Communicating with work peers and supervisor
  • Being a team player

Independent Living:

  • Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) curriculum
  • On-site apartment living
  • Transportation education and training
  • Menu planning, shopping and food preparation
  • Money management
  • Self advocacy

Vocational Training:

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