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Greetings from WSDAA!


The WSDAA has brought a whirlwind of new energy and changes the past several years. We want to continue welcoming you to this old WSDAA website for now. At this time we are trying to make every effort to keep the website current and informative to make it interesting and helpful. We are hoping that someday we can have our own website. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to tell us. Remember that the main purpose of this website is to keep you informed of WSD and WSDAA.

If you have not been receiving the WSDAA Newsletter and are interested to subscribe to 3 newsletters a year, you can print out the membership form and fill it out then mail it, along with the check to WSDAA.

Things are definitely growing around here and we want to encourage you to stop and smell the roses with our many opportunities, events, and more. Thank you for your support! Without you, there would be no WSDAA on the TERRIER TERRITORY!


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