Our Mission

“The WSD Residential Department is devoted to the safety, care and well-being of our students. Our mission is to provide a structured yet nurturing family environment, including after school opportunities that enables all students to reach their highest potential personally, academically, socially, morally, and physically.”

What is the purpose of the Residential Department at WSD?

WSD provides a residential program to all students who do not live in the city of Vancouver or in the immediate surrounding communities in Washington State. Students from across the state live in the cottages during the week and go home to their families on weekends.

Our program offers independent living skills, academic assistance, a language-rich environment, celebration of cultural diversity, and offers an after school program for both residential and day students.

In addition to providing a linguistically and culturally enriched environment, WSD offers a variety of recreational sports, such as football, soccer, volleyball, track, basketball, swimming, and Special Olympics. Other activities include outdoor recreation, field trips, arts and crafts, dances, and social activities for all WSD students. The residential program begins after the end of the academic day schedule (3:00 p.m.) and ends at the start of the academic program (8:00 a.m.).

The WSD residential program focuses on the safety and care of our students. We help students to develop a positive self-esteem and a positive self-identity through our multi-aged family groupings, our social interactions and our low staff-to-student ratios.