Terrier World

Terrier World is a student-run school store that is incorporated as an integrated project-based learning opportunity for English, math, and communication classes. From our humble beginnings in the library storage room selling small items such as pens/pencils, stickers, rubber bracelets, and pins, Terrier World has now expanded to a bigger location on campus with upwards of 25 student workers, selling clothing, food, fruit smoothies, espresso drinks, and homemade whole wheat pizzas. We even have a store logo that was created by a student worker!

We are not able to take online orders, but we do have a website to view our current inventory. Please take a look and let us know by Email or VP if you would like to order anything.


WSD students working at school store

You can call Terrier World and leave a message any time:

Videophone: (360) 553-4636

Or email any comments, questions, or even order something from the store!

Email: dana.miles@cdhl.wa.gov
Subject line: Terrier World