ASL Specialist Role:

  • Evaluation Report: (initial & Triennial) for PreK-12th grade.  Work closely with SLP’s to provide global language assessment
  • ASL tests: New students’ intake, elementary P-levels, ASL Receptive Test (ASLRST) & VSCL
  • Support teachers with IEP goals
  • Coordinate: ASL Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA) committee, ASL PD’s (with Bilingual Director) includes ASL linguistics training, Deaf Awareness Week (DAW), Statewide ASL Poetry Competition (Flying Hands)
  • Consult & support teacher including: secondary ASL teacher, student observations (for students’ teachers have concerns about), support teachers with tests
  • Attend to ASLRT, ASLTA & any conference related to ASL/Deaf Studies
  • Support Birth to 3 playgroup
  • Continue to develop ASL Framework (school-wide curriculum & assessments)
  • Teach Deaf Studies

“American Sign Language, or ASL, is a complex form of manual communication in which hands, limbs, head, facial expression and body language are used to communicate a visual-spatial language without sound. ASL is not related to spoken English, and features an entirely different grammar and vocabulary: linguistically it is a complete, natural and fully realized language in its own right.”