Washington School for the Deaf takes part in Academic Bowl every year that is hosted by Gallaudet University. The competition promotes academic pride, integrity, and achievement. The competition enhances student learning because it rewards students for all their hard work studying; in addition, students meet equally intellectual peers from other schools. Academic Bowl is about immersing students into the studies of different subjects such as history, literature, science, mathematics, Deaf studies, and current events. They spend time learning these topics and then quiz their knowledge.

Every year, WSD participates at one of the four regional competitions which take place all over the United States. The top four schools from each regional competition qualify for the Nationals competition at Gallaudet University; in addition, the top four performing schools who took the Wild Card test at regionals also attend Nationals.

WSD has been involved in Academic Bowl since its inception in 1997. In 2017, WSD qualified for the Nationals competition for the first time.

Throughout the competition, the students learn the true meaning of sportsmanship and friendship.

The 2024 Washington School for the Deaf Academic Bowl team.

Year Roster Record
Ashely Anderson, Kasey Daniel, Celeste Lane-Cummings, Evan Stromberg

Coaches: Craig Joseph & CJ

2023 Lorenzo Fortunato, Evan Stromberg, Damien Dieckhoff, Julian Robinson
Coach: Craig Joseph
2020 Nicolaus Moore, Ethan Jacobs, Ella Stromberg, Jayson Cabanizas
Coach: Tyler DeShaw
3 – 4
2019 Nicolaus Moore, Ethan Jacobs, Dared Redford
Coach: Tyler DeShaw
4 – 5

Nationals: 1 – 5

2018 Annie Kvamme, Cristian Martinez-White, JaBil Miller, Dared Redford
Coach: Tyler DeShaw
3 – 4
2017 Kyle Culmer, Tess Griffin, Annie Kvamme, Cristian Martinez-White
Coaches: Tyler DeShaw & Piper Gallucci
6 – 3

Nationals: 1 – 5

2016 Kyle Culmer, Annie Kvamme, Christian Martinez-White, Randall Smith
Coaches: Tyler DeShaw & Piper Gallucci
5 – 3
2015 Kyle Culmer, Jeremy Descloux, Miguel Peregrino, Randall Smith
Coach: Tyler DeShaw
 4 – 4
2014 Trevor Dockter, LaSinda Rivas, Randall Smith, Samantha Rowland
Coaches: Tyler DeShaw & Ryder Patton
 3 – 5
2013 Jonah Winninghoff, Trevor Dockter, LaSinda Rivas, Randall Smith
Coaches: John Thuahnai & Nathan Boyes
 3 – 4
2012 Aliesha Rowland, Jonah Winninghoff, Brittany Randant, Trevor Dockter
Coaches: John Thuahnai & Dana Miller
 1 – 8
2011 No team fielded
2010 No team fielded
2009 No team fielded
2008 Taylor Engle, Nhan Tran, Dan-o Laurion, Olivia Mackey, Darshell Domme
Coaches: Shauna Bilyeu & Matt Stefano
 2 – 5
2007 Heather Daley, Taylor Engle, Nhan Tran, Neil Huff
Coaches: Shauna Bilyeu & Matt Stefano
 3 – 4
2006 Nick Gilles, Heather Daley, Taylor Engle, Janelle Jackson, Nhan Tran
Coaches: David Born & Matt Stefano
 3 – 4
2005 Renca Dunn, Nick Gilles, Thomas Welch, Heather Daley
Coaches: David Born & Shannon Graham
 2 – 5
2004 Hubert Mackey, Renca Dunn, Craig Joseph, Nick Gilles
Coach: David Born & Shannon Graham
 4 – 3
2003 Hubert Mackey, Renca Dunn, Craig Joseph, Michele Howard
Coach: Shannon Graham
 3 – 4
2002 No team fielded
2001 Regina Beaulaurier, Craig Joseph, Hubert Mackey, Haley McBride, Brandt van Unen
Coaches: Arlan Howard & Shannon Graham
 2 – 3
2000 No team fielded
1999 Sophie Gold, Ben Clothier, Nicholas Buchanan, Josh Miller, Robert Edwards
Coaches: Pat Almer & Donna Power
1998 Josh Miller, Ben Clothier, Melody LaPlante, Thawin Choulaphan, Robert Edwards
Coach: Pat Almer
1997 Ben Clothier, Jay Kramer, Josh Miller, Sheila Renner, Rush Seitz
Coach: Grace Jewett-Baranski