Spring Break Closure

School is closed April 5-9 for Spring Break. Have a wonderful break!

Important School Date Changes

Here are some important changes to our schedule for the month of April 2021:

April 19th: In-person instruction resumes

April 22nd: No Early Release – School will end at 3:00pm

April 23rd: NO SCHOOL; Residential students will leave directly from the cottages at 8:00am

April 30th: NO SCHOOL; Residential students will leave directly from the cottages at 8:00am

Admissions Information

Thank you for your interest in sending your child to WSD. Due to pandemic safety response, we are implementing safety precautions which limit our class sizes and residential cottage space. Applications for new students for the current 2020-21 is currently closed.  We are accepting applications for school year 2021-2022, and look forward to working with you next school year. Please click on the link below to visit our Admissions page.

2021 Flying Hands Showcase

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are canceling this year’s 2021 Flying Hands Competition. However, we still want to recognize and honor ASL Poetry. For more information on how we’re doing that, please click the link below.

Tech Support Website for Staff and Families!

If you are experiencing issues with anything related to technology that your child/student uses in class (Google Classroom, Zoom, iPads, Seesaw, etc.), we have set up a website to provide remote tech support to our staff, parents and students.

Urgent Announcement for WSD Families

We have a page dedicated to COVID-19 updates. With information changing constantly, please check our Coronavirus Information and Updates page regularly for the latest information.

Coronavirus Info & Updates

Coronavirus Information for Families

Check here for COVID-19 information and updates.

A Bilingual Approach

WSD provides a comprehensive educational program that includes a commitment to promoting the acquisition, maintenance and study of American Sign Language (ASL) and English for all deaf and hard of hearing children.

What People are Saying

Shauna Bilyeu

We know that learning is a social activity. It’s social in nature. People learn from each other all the time. Children learn the fastest from their peers.

Shauna Bilyeu
Superintendent, WSD

Julian, Student

Before I got to WSD, I didn’t sign well. I used a little bit of gesturing. When I got here, I got better and better.


ASL-English Bilingual Program Service Director

A strong language foundation is very important for their success in life. Research shows that deaf students who have American Sign Language skills are then more successful in English.

April McArthur
ASL-English Bilingual Program Service Director

Lisa Ronda, Parent

So in one year [Jonathan] has made amazing progress. I think that just how much ASL is going on in the classroom has really made all the difference. So he is exposed to it all day.

Lisa Ronda

Samantha Grosmick, Parent

[We] came to the school. She fell in love with it. The teachers, the one-on-one, the bi-lingual, the support for speech, for occupational therapy Gabby had at that time. There was a plethora of resources for us. And my husband and I had children. They are our responsibility. We want the best for her. We want her to succeed in the world. Here she goes.

Samantha Grosmick

Brent Neatherlin, Parent

I’ve seen a lot of changes because the communications was there to be able to interact, socialize, boost her self-esteem. The teachers, the staff, very positive reinforcements here.

Brent Neatherlin

Pamela Whitney, Pre-School Teacher

It is very crucial that the children have access to language development. A natural acquisition of language right from the very beginning.

Pamela Whitney
Pre-School Teacher

Yajaira, WSD alumna

With ASL I could learn everything. I’ve made so much progress since I came here. I’m grateful to my parents for sending me to WSD. In my opinion, you’ll want to come here.

WSD Alumna

Lafawne Robinson, Parent

He would start telling me ‘I just want to read at recess. I don’t want anybody to talk to me,’ and I’m like ‘no’. He’s outgoing. That’s not in his spirit. We started looking at different schools and was wowed by this school because of the socialization at recess and lunch and in the classroom is amazing.

Lafawne Robinson

Jane Mulholland

Every deaf child can learn just the same as hearing children can. I think that is one problem is that often there are misconceptions about deaf children’s abilities.

Jane Mulholland
Former Superintendent, WSD

Randall, WSD alumnus

I asked my mother to send me here. It was a big decision for her because I lived 8 hours away from here. My mother made the right choice to send me here. It was worth it.

WSD alumnus

Minh Truong, Parent

Our daughter’s first language is ASL. It’s very important she understand ASL.

Minh Truong

Jennifer Ellis, Teacher

ASL is their language. That gives them the self-esteem and they have a foundation then to support their English development.

Jennifer Ellis
Work Education Teacher, Transition Needs Team

Jeanmarie Moore, Parent

Once Nicolas started coming here, he blossomed and bloomed. I’m happy to say he walks, talks, runs, reads and plays basketball and does all the things they said he would never do.

Jeanmarie Moore

Ashantay, Student

I like that I can look directly at my teacher. I don’t have to look at the interpreter. I can get the teaching directly from the teacher.


Latest News

Flying Hands Showcase Announcement

Because of COVID-19, we are canceling this year’s Flying Hands Competition. However, we still want to recognize and honor ASL poetry. We will be doing a Flying Hands Showcase instead. Please click here to learn more about this!

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