WSD offers facility rentals to groups serving the Deaf that meet the core mission of CDHL/WSD as well as community organizations, clubs or groups and any private or commercial enterprises.

The following facilities are available:

Room Capacity and Layout Square Feet Maximum Capacity
Clarke Hall Conference Room 150 1,200 45
Clarke Hall Conference Room 130 448 15
Cottages (per cottage) 14
Clarke Hall Guest Rooms 2-4
Hunter Gym 11,000 300
Northrop Gym 3,375 100
Deveraux Field/Stadium —- 1,200
Kastel Cafeteria 3,473 200
Auditorium 11,349 629

Rates and Fees

Rates are determined based on which category your group or organization falls under.

Category A:

Groups serving the Deaf that meet the core mission of CDHL/WSD (which is to serve deaf or hard of hearing individuals or individuals in the educational field) will fall under this category. This includes parents or other authorized persons, other campus groups, clubs, organizations conducting school related business and government agencies. A service fee will apply if rented outside of normal working hours.

Category B:

Non-revenue producing community organizations, clubs or groups and any private or commercial enterprises. This includes churches, church-related groups, private social clubs, fund-raising groups. Examples: dances, school performances, benefit banquets.

Category C:

Revenue producing community organizations/groups that generate revenue. Examples: benefit performances, use of facilities for private or corporate income.

Facility/Room Service Fee Category A Category B Category C
Cottages/Clarke Guest Rooms (overnight) **$35hr $15/night $25/night $25/night
Cottages Day Use **$35hr $75/day $75/day $75/day
Hunter Gym (2hr min.) **$35hr NO CHARGE $25hr $30hr
Northrop Gym (2hr min.) **$35hr NO CHARGE $20hr $25hr
Deveraux Field/Stadium **$35hr NO CHARGE $35hr $40hr
Clarke Hall #150 **$35hr NO CHARGE $20hr $25hr
Clarke Hall #130 **$35hr NO CHARGE $20hr $25hr
Kastel Cafeteria **$35hr NO CHARGE $20hr $25hr
*Auditorium **$35hr $180 day $250 day $320 day

*Auditorium additional Information/fees:

  • Media Technician $80hr (2hr Minumum)
  • An additional $100 rental fee for use of balcony
  • Microphone $20 – Wireless Microphone $50
  • You are responsible to provide security for large groups
  • Retainer fee of 30% due upon reservation
  • Free WiFi

Other Services: (per quote) Technology, computer projector, flat panel TVs.

Service Fee includes a custodian and opening/closing of gates and doors.
**Service fees waived during custodial staff normal working hours.


CDHL/WSD requires user to furnish proof of liability insurance naming CDHL/WSD as an additional insured with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence prior to approval for the requested use.


Cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to your event for a full refund.

General Guidelines

AGREEMENT: A Facility Use Agreement must be signed by an authorized representative of the requesting group, 21 years or older.This agreement must be completed prior to the scheduled event.

CANCELLATION: The facility user group shall notify CDHL of any cancellation at least three (3) days prior to scheduled event date.

SUPERVISION: The facility user group must provide adult supervision. A competent ADULT leader 21 years or older must accompany each group at every session. Under no circumstances will a group be admitted into a facility before the ADULT leader arrives. The ADULT leader shall check in and out with the designated WSD/CDHL school district representative and shall be the last person to leave followingeach session.

PERSONNEL: A designated WSD/CDHL school district representative must be on duty at all times while the building is in use.

EQUIPMENT USE: Specific arrangements and schedules for equipment, personnel, and supplies shall be made with the Building Rental Specialist in advance of the scheduled event. Extra custodial, police, or security personnel, at the facility user group’s expense, may be required depending on the ages, size, and activity of the group.

COST: Rental charges shall be made on the basis of the established rental rate, computed personnel cost, equipment use, and/or supplies used.

CONDUCT: CDHL staff, facilities, and property must be respected at all times. Orderly conduct is required and members of the facility user group shall confine themselves and their activities to the areas specified in the Facility Use Agreement. Unauthorized use constitutes trespassing.

SUBSTANCES: The sale, use, or possession of alcohol, cannabis or illegal drugs on CDHL property is prohibited, as is the use of any type of tobacco products. Violation of this provision by members of the facility user group is grounds for immediate termination of the Facility Use Agreement.

DAMAGES: The facility user group shall be responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement of any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond the normal wear and tear.

INDEMINIFCATION: The facility user group agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless CDHL, its employees, directors, agents, or other assigns, from all claims, suits, and actions of any nature for or on account of injury, damage, or loss to persons or property arising from the rental and use of CDHL facilities.

INSURANCE: The facility user group must carry liability insurance at its own expense covering CDHL premises in the amount of $1,000,000 general liability. Policies or certificates including the coverage, naming CDHL as additionally insured, shall be submitted prior to scheduled use.

SCHOOL CLOSURE: For school closure information, contact the CDHL at (360) 696-6525. In the event of emergencies or inclement weather, CDHL facilities will be completely closed to community user groups with no exceptions.