The Washington School for the Deaf employs several part-time and on-call interpreters for the deaf. Our interpreters provide American Sign Language interpreting services both on and off campus for CDHY-related events such as IEP meetings, staff meetings, counseling sessions, teacher meetings, extracurricular activities, tours, classes, workshops, etc.

CDHY Interpreters:

Daniel Mroz – NIC, EIPA endorsement 4.7
Emily Sizemore – EIPA endorsement 4.5
Sam Bennington – NIC, EIPA endorsement 4.4
Jonathan Robinson – NIC, EIPA endorsement 4.4
Jacki Cline – NIC, EIPA endorsement 5.0
Yadira Lopez
Macy Hines – EIPA 3.7
Angela Barber
Leah Serres – EIPA 3.9

Recommended reading: In-Person Interpreter or VRI for Deaf Students in the Hospital, by Timothy Vander Ploeg, RN, RN-BC, BSN