Washington School for the Deaf is the state of Washington’s only ASL-English bilingual school serving deaf and hard or hearing students in Pre-K through 12th grade.

WSD’s teachers and staff are committed to supporting the school’s mission statement of ensuring our students are Bilingual, Empowered, Successful, for Today and Tomorrow, The BEST.


Provide an inclusive, student centered and culturally rich environment to ensure all students become bilingual and life-long learners.


WSD seeks to provide an educational environment that both challenges and nurtures students.


WSD students are Bilingual, Empowered, Successful for Today and Tomorrow! The BEST!

Comprehensive Educational Program

To fully support Deaf children’s linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional development, the Washington School for the Deaf (WSD) provides a comprehensive educational program that includes a commitment to promoting the acquisition, maintenance and study of American Sign Language (ASL) and English for all deaf and hard of hearing children. This commitment supports students’ development of ASL receptive and expressive skills as well as reading and writing in English and, when appropriate for the child, spoken English.

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