Hello, my name is Michelle Clark.  I teach secondary (middle school and high school) science classes and have been teaching at WSD since 2001.  I grew up in Juneau, Alaska and now live in the country with my husband, a couple dogs, and some farm animals.  I’m an avid reader and enjoy a variety of hobbies including building RC cars, LEGOs, drawing and caring for our farm.  Every year brings new faces and new learning.  I’m looking forward to working with this year’s students.  Go Terriers!

Please click the links below to read the course descriptions and syllabi for each of the classes I am teaching this year!

Computer Applications: 2023-2024

Work Experience: 2023-2024

Applied Bilingual Language Arts: 2023-2024

Classroom: Divine Building, Rooms 315-318
VP: 360-553-4623
Email: michelle.clark@cdhl.wa.gov