Aloha everyone, my name is Trey Balding. The students call me Mr. Trey when I’m present in WSD. I just moved from Hawaii and I work as a secondary science teacher. As a resident of Hawaii, I enjoy my passion of surfing and I found my interest to surf on the foil which is a kind of material that helps surfboards float above the water in the Hood River, located an hour away from WSD! When I’m home, I spend my time chilling with my children and playing games, such as board games and Nintendo Switch. I love to read “One Piece” manga (Japanese comics) because the storyline is original and never has been heard before as if it is another Harry Potter book but a pirate version. Other than that, science is my favorite subject in general so I will have fun teaching the secondary students on this part! I am also enrolling at McDaniel College to pursue the Deaf Education graduate program to get further practice on teaching the Deaf students in WSD, too. I am excited to work in a new environment. Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) for having me in WSD and looking forward to working with you during this year of 2023-2024!

Please click the link below to read the course descriptions and syllabi for each of the classes I am teaching this year!

Biology (4th Period) Syllabus

Biology (5th Period) Syllabus

HSBP/Computer Applications (1st period) Syllabus

HSBP/Computer Applications (3rd period) Syllabus

Classroom: Divine Building, Room 303/Science Classroom
VP: 360-719-4815