Dana Miles


I’m a Work Experience and ELA teacher. In my Work Experience classes, my students will develop job-readiness skills such as learning about work ethics, creating a resume, polishing their interview skills, researching careers, understanding how to better self-advocate for their rights, and many more. The best part? The Work Experience students will get to put those skills to practice by working on-campus or off-campus! I also teach English Language Arts class, which is to teach students to study about real-world topics, such as employment benefits, reading bus maps, renting an apartment, preparing for emergencies, reading medical labels, and many more. I aim to see our young adults leave school fully knowledgeable, completely prepared, and confident to face the real world as they graduate from our school.

A little bit about myself: I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, starting in Portland, OR and settling into Ridgefield, WA. After I graduated from WSD in 1993, I went to Gallaudet University and received my BA and MA degrees in Secondary Deaf Education and English. There, my adventures began by traveling to France and China, marrying my high school sweetheart, Billy (who is an art teacher at WSD, by the way), and teaching at Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, DC. When Billy and I were expecting our first child, we both knew there’s no place like home, which for us was Washington state. I’m truly proud to teach here at WSD, my beloved alma mater. I believe it is a wonderful place for a deaf child in our beautiful state to receive a bilingual education in ASL and English! I’m loving every minute of it!

Feel free to email me, call me, or drop by to say “Hello!”

Classroom: Divine 315 & 318
Email: dana.miles@cdhl.wa.gov
Phone/VP: (360) 553-4623

Welcome to the Applied ELA Class!

Applied ELA 2021-2022

Welcome to WSD’s Work Experience class!

Work Experience Syllabus 2021-2022