WSD celebrates, honors and uses both American Sign Language (ASL) and English as languages of instruction and communication. We affirm the importance of both ASL and English for success in school and beyond for our students. To these ends, the academic program maintains clear separation between ASL and English in instructional and communication contexts.

In addition to teaching core content areas, the school recognizes that teaching ASL as a first language is critical to the future success of our students. Dedicated ASL instructional time occurs at the elementary level on a daily basis and is a required content class for the majority of secondary level students.

In addition to the WSD ASL-English bilingual framework, WSD adheres to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in all subject areas, and students participate in annual statewide tests pending IEP team decisions.

Selected classes offer curriculum delivered on iPads and Chrome books. These electronic devices are issued through the library to individual students. Students are expected to adhere to the WSD guidelines for responsible use of these devices.