Piper Gallucci

J. Piper Gallucci
Social Studies Instructor & PBIS Coordinator
Room 304Piper Gallucci
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Hello and welcome to J. Piper Gallucci’s social studies webpage.
The purpose of studying social studies is to facilitate your child’s
understanding of his or herself and their world.  Responsible
citizens understand their world and make informed decisions.

My instruction & student learning is through the bilingual process.
Students will be exposed to and use both American Sign Language and
English. Students will use a variety of learning methods including
student-centered instruction, group, partner and individual work.

This junior level class focuses on U.S. History from 1900 to present day. Students use primary source documents to answer a variety of essential questions. Specific study includes: Immigration, The Progressive Era, Dust Bowl, Civil Rights Movement and Deaf Rights Movement. Themes include: Barriers, Perseverance and Resistance.

U.S. History Syllabus 2018-19

This middle school level class consists of two curriculums. The first half of the year students will study Washington State History. The second half of the year is a study of Ancient World Civilizations. This is a project-based inquiry class. Students use primary and secondary source materials to answer questions, persuade audiences and educate others about a variety of topics. Topics include: Humans and the Environment.

Middle School Social Studies

This senior level class looks at the issues that impact governments and people today. The year starts with looking at terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and its results that impact the world today. Various world issues are explored including: health, poverty, water scarcity, refugee, and sustainability. Students wrap up the year with a museum-type display on All Star Day.

CWI Syllabus

This middle school class helps students to explore who they are today, to help them plan for their futures.  Students explore life as a middle school student including conflict resolution and peer relationships

Teen Life Syllabus