Taylor Seidel

Taylor SeidelWelcome back to what will be an exciting 2017-2018 school year! I am the 4th and 5th grade teacher here at the Washington School for the Deaf. I have a BA in Elementary Education and am currently obtaining my MS in Deaf Education at McDaniel College in Maryland. I have been part of the WSD staff since 2014, the year I started as an intern. I will be teaching 4th grade and 5th grade Reading, Writing, ASL, Math, Social Studies, and Science teacher this year. 

I have three children, two of which are in elementary school. I am passionate about teaching science, as science is one of my favorite subjects. When I am not teaching, I enjoy building and fixing things at home in my wood shop.

For an overview of what we will be doing in class this year, click each tab and read on!




Math: Some of you may be familiar with Mathletics and Real Math. Those have been replaced with a new curriculum called My Math in conjunction with IXL, which will be used for math support in the classroom setting and the home setting. IXL offers a broad range of math problems that correspond with your child’s learning math ability level. Students will have their own IXL username and password which will allow them to practice at home as needed.  The website address is www.ixl.com. I am enclosing your child’s IXL username and password with this letter.

Science: We will be using FOSS kits for Science. The topics and schedule for the FOSS curriculum are listed below:

Fall Unit – Soils, Rocks, and Landforms
Winter Unit – Environments
Spring Unit – Waves & Energy

Children are naturally interested in topics related to Science! You can support your child’s science interest by talking with your child about what is happening in our world and how science helps us understand natural phenomena!

ASL: Deaf children use ASL as their primary language in everyday life, but your child will also get the opportunity to learn the linguistic components of ASL, just like their hearing peers do in English class in the public school setting! Did you know that ASL have five parameters? Those are: Palm Orientation, Movement, Location, Non-Manual Markers, and Handshape. Comparatively, English has five subsystems; phonology, morphology lexicology, syntax, and semantics. Our academic ASL class occurs daily in the mornings with ASL support from Krissy. Your child will have opportunities to explore and apply new skills that support their social and academic language skills.

Technology: Our class has been using school supplied iPads for Math this Fall. Students have been using IXL for math support during our math block. We will be using our school supplied iPads during ASL and Reading/Writing time to support your child’s learning.

Reading and Writing: Our class will be using guided reading strategies to scaffold students’ reading skills and grow their vocabulary. Students will be selecting books from different genres as part of developing your child’s overall understanding of the different genres. Research has consistently shown that reading is critical to literacy development in children. As such, I will be supporting your child’s reading development by providing reading opportunities in the classroom setting. I ask that you help support your child’s literacy development by making sure your child reads at home. To that end, your child will be expected to read and write regularly for homework. Your child will bring home a reading log for you to sign after your child reads at home.