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Welcome to kindergarten – 2nd grade!

Hi, I’m Raye Schafer.  I’ve been a primary school teacher at WSD, since 2006.  I have a dual B.S. in Elementary Education and Deaf Education, and an M.Ed. in Bilingual Deaf Education.  I’ve got 2 sons in elementary school, two dogs who act like kindergarteners, I love to garden (gardens tolerate me), and I love anything tech-related (tech likes me more than plants do).

My class always has a ton of things going on.  Click on the links below, to view:

Class Language Plan Our Class Blog Our ASL Library



Our class has signed up to use Seesaw: The Learning Journal.  Over the course of the school year, your child will become independent about identifying what parts of their day they wish to share, and what language mode they want to use, to do so.   Seesaw allows students to use photos, ASL, and English to record their learning experience.  How does this enhance our blog experience?  The class blog is largely teacher run, and is shared to everyone.  Seesaw allows each student to highlight their own work, and communicate directly with their parents.  You can access Seesaw by downloading the app for iOS, android, or chrome.  Parents can also log in view their child’s learning journal here: https://app.seesaw.me/#/login.


If you would like to meet to discuss questions, concerns, or observations, you can always leave a message for me by contacting me through email, vp, by phone, or by putting a note in your child’s homework folder.  My contact info is:

VP:  360-524-7304  (Feel free to leave a message if I don’t answer right away.)
phone:  360-696-6525 ext 4294

My class has an open door policy; stop by any time.  If you’d like to meet with me about something specific,  let me know you’d like to meet ahead of time when possible. That way I can make sure that a few hurdles are cleared.  You’re welcome to try and stop by without letting me know in advance, but you might have a few obstacles….

  • The majority of teacher meetings happen after school, and there are usually two or three each week. If you stop by and I am in a meeting, I may not be able to meet with you THAT day.
  • I have resigned myself to the fact that I am slave to my own child’s daycare (Seriously, parents, how have you managed it all these years? I am in awe…), and unfortunately am not able to stay late without advance warning to alter daycare arrangements. Without advance warning I will not be on campus after 3:45.
  • The Northrop building has been set up to have most entrances/exits locked the majority of the day. If you stop by and the building is locked, your best bet is to walk across campus to Clark and have a secretary work their magic to get you in.


Our typical day to day routine looks like this, though content rotates throughout the week.

8:00 morning meeting, guided reading

8:30 signer’s workshop

9:15 center work (all subjects rotate)

10:30 recess

10:45 lunch

11:15 read aloud

11:45 writing

12:30 math

1:30 rotation (pe daily, tech/art, rotated weekly)

*Italics indicate times when students are not in the classroom.

Language Acquisition Resources:

Resources for Written English Resources for ASL Development