Carly Leannah

Carly LeannahHello there! My name is Carly Leannah. I teach English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Introduction to Marketing for grades 9-12. My classroom is located in the Divine Building.

My Background:

I joined Terrier Nation in Fall 2015 after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Master of Science in Secondary Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Prior to that, I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the same university.

I was born deaf and was fortunate to have access to both ASL and English by my hearing parents who hustled to learn and expose me to sign language after finding out about my hearing loss. The one opportunity I did not have while growing up was attend a school for the Deaf, which is why I have tremendous value for my role here at WSD.

While I was growing up, I was always passionate about learning and would often come home from school to spend hours planning and creating worksheets to “teach” my little sister in my living room. Playing “school” as a young child eventually cultivated into an actual desire to remain in the classroom environment as a teacher.

How to Say Hello to Me:
Classroom: Divine 303

Welcome to the Literature and Composition course! In this course, students will read, discuss and analyze novels; both fiction and non-fiction; contemporary and classic novels in several genres. Reading and writing are tightly connected. Therefore, most of the writing that you do in this class (on a formal or informal basis) corresponds to the required reading. You focus on learning literary devices and clear writing as a form of communication.

Literature and Composition I Syllabus 2018-2019 Leannah

Welcome to the Practical English & Language Arts course! In this course, students will practice reading and writing skills that are directly applicable to life skills. The focus for this year will be on many components of the English language, including conventions and mechanics, formal academic vocabulary, creative and academic writing skills, and comprehension skills for reading in various genres.

Practical ELA Syllabus 2018-2019 Leannah

Welcome to the Civics course! This class is required in the state of Washington as part of the Social Studies requirement. Civics is a branch off from the social studies topic. In this course, students will explore the structure and functions of the government and the American democratic system. Students will also discuss affairs in the United States and how it impacts the world. We will also focus on how the people play a significant role in government and the importance each citizen contributes to society.

Civics Syllabus 2018-2019 Leannah

Welcome to the Introduction to Marketing elective course! This course is designed as a hands-on investigation of the marketing world. Introduction to Business and Marketing covers business and marketing basics, promotion, public relations, personal selling, and branding. Students will research careers in the marketing field and study the history of this field.

Intro to Marketing Syllabus 2018-2019 Leannah