Jenn Christianson

Jenn ChristiansonHello!  I am Jenn Christianson, elementary language arts teacher for 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  I’ve been a teacher here at WSD since 2004 and I love my job!  Being an avid reader and writer, I strive to bring my love of language to the classroom.  In addition to teaching, I coach our Battle of the Books team.

Classroom: Northrop 212
VP: 360-553-4064

4th/5th/6th Grade Class Description: Students create narrative, expository, and opinion pieces in written English and in ASL. For reading, we will follow a workshop format, learning various reading strategies, vocabulary tools, and studying the different reading genres. Students will be expected to read and write for homework regularly.

Communication Blend Class Description: This class will focus on communication for social purposes. Students will be working on their social ASL and written social English. We will be working on vocabulary building and reading regularly. Students will have regular reading and writing homework.


Morning Class Schedule

Afternoon Class Schedule